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What is the Cambridge Green Challenge?

Virtually every aspect of activity across the University has some environmental sustainability impact. As this agenda is so broad, every individual working or studying at the University has a role to play in taking action to reduce their environmental impact during their time at Cambridge; that’s the Cambridge Green Challenge.

Cambridge is strongest when we work together. That’s true for all aspects of University life and never more so than for the Cambridge Green Challenge; it’s both ours and yours, and there are many ways to be part of making the University a more sustainable place.

How can you get involved in the Cambridge Green Challenge?

Environment and Energy Coordinators

Join your colleagues in our voluntary staff network and provide a focal point for environmental issues in your workplace.

Green Impact

Create and work with a team in your department, college or building to implement a range of environmental actions and get recognition at the annual awards ceremony.

Living Laboratory for Sustainability

Use the University estate to support your student research or project on environmental sustainability.


Get environmental messages across to your team or Department using our posters, stickers and more!

The Carbon Challenge

Use this competition to develop your own ideas to reduce environmental impact

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