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Are you interested in a career in Environmental Management, Compliance or Data Assurance? Join us on May 15th 2024

As a Green Impact auditor, we offer you a half day’s training session followed by half a day of practical auditing experience as you visit departments to find out about and confirm their sustainability achievements. Auditors need no prior experience or knowledge and there is no mandatory preparation.

The training and audits is split into four sections: 

  • Auditor training/
  • Audit preparation
  • Audits
  • Feedback and wrap-up

Auditor training  

  • The training section of the day will last approximately 2.5 hours with breaks built in.
  • You will join in person along with other students.
  • The training session will cover: A brief overview of sustainability at the University; the Green Impact programme; what environmental auditing is and the skills needed to audit.
  • The training includes activities so you can practice in a welcoming group environment before undertaking your audits.

Audit preparation  

  • You will audit one or two Green Impact teams.
  • After the training section of the day, you will be provided with your Green Impact team’s audit report (an Excel document which lists the criteria and any team comments); your team’s evidence (files such as photos, Word and PDF documents); a Green Impact scoring guide and some background information about the team(s).
  • Once the training section of the day has finished at approximately 12/12:30, you will work to review the above mentioned documents ahead of your audit. You will look at evidence and comments teams have submitted, review which Green Impact actions they have achieved and how, and begin to decide which award level they have achieved. You will also prepare some questions and feedback that you would like to share in the audit. Guidance will be given on prioritising which actions and/or evidence to look at in the time available as we do not expect you to be able to review everything.

The audit

The auditing process is designed to be professional, formal and comprehensive – but it’s also meant to be a friendly, encouraging and inspiring event for the teams. The audits are a process to motivate teams for the year ahead and for them to feel proud of everything they’ve already achieved. Teams and auditors regularly feedback that they enjoy this process and talking to each other.  

  • With your auditing partner, you will carry out one or two audits
  • You will introduce yourself to the team and explain how the audit will work, and you can ask them to introduce themselves.
  • Ask the open questions, which are pre-prepared in the audit report provided.
  • Ask questions and provide feedback about the team’s report and evidence submitted.
  • Share with them what you found interesting about their sustainability initiatives and ask questions if you have time to find out more.

Feedback and wrap-up

The training is approved by the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) and you will receive a certificate of attendance following completion of the training and audit(s).  

Click here to sign up (link opens a Microsoft Form). 

Wednesday, May 15, 2024 - 09:00 to 17:00
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