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Find, give away, or loan office furniture, lab equipment and other resources with WarpIt

WarpIt is an online marketplace to help redistribute resources legally and conveniently within the University for free. It is designed to make it easy for staff to find others with spare items - reducing procurement spend. It also helps staff who are disposing of “stuff” to find new owners - saving on waste disposal costs.

To create an account, please visit: Note that WarpIt is currently only available to University staff, not to staff of the Colleges.

Wish to promote WarpIt within your department? You can download posters, or request for printed ones to be sent from E&E. View our Materials page here.

Other ways WarpIt can help

Refurbishments - If you have a building clearance, decant, refurbishment or decommissioning project coming up, WarpIt can come in catalogue and add the assets to the University's Warp It system. If required, they can also then manage the redistribution of the surplus assets internally (if appropriate) and then externally on your behalf. 

Furniture - Many of the items going onto Warpit are furniture. Where these are in poor condition, Warpit can provide support in repairing and refurbish it for re-use.

Contact us to discuss the above options.