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Our Targets 

  • to establish accurate billing and consumption data across the operational estate 

  • to have more detailed information about our water usage at high consuming sites 

  • to establish an evidence based target for water usage across the operational estate 

  • to continue to work with our water supplier to make the most of their water efficiency expertise 

Our Approach 

To have one single supplier for water and wastewater services 

By signing up to a single supplier, we now have synchronised billing for clean water and wastewater. This means we will be less reliant on estimated bills and have a better view of consumption and the volumes we dispose of to sewers. This will aid our baselining work as well as financial and consumption reporting. The latter is what we can set out performance targets against. 

Automated Meter Reading (AMR) at our highest consuming sites 

We have run an initial trial to install AMR on meters at our ten highest consuming sites. We now have the ability to view daily profiles of consumption and this data helps our understanding of how and when water is used and whether this can be reduced. It is also a very useful way of determining if there are leaks. 

This is now being planned for a further 15 sites. 

Water Management Plan for the operational estate 

We have engaged a consultant to undertake a study to produce an evidence based target for water consumption across the operational estate. The water management plan currently under development should provide a list of initiatives that can be undertaken to reduce current consumption. It will provide a gold, silver and bronze target depending on the investment and timeframe available for incorporating the proposed initiatives. The study will also propose key performance indicators to help track progress. 

Monitoring utility consumption 

For those with responsibility for monitoring power and water consumption in their building, we can provide access to a portal to our energy management system, Systemslink. This will provide consumption data that you may find useful in supporting your own consumption baselining activities. 

Our Progress

Our annual progress towards our Water targets can be viewed in the The University of Cambridge's Annual Environmental Sustainability Report.