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Travel to work

The staff travel survey has run every October for the last 13 years. In 2021, the survey found that 45% of staff are working from home, while 24% are cycling into their work place and 15% are driving alone. This is shown in the image below. 



When home working is excluded from the sample, 73% of staff accessed their workplace using sustainable travel modes, with 44% arriving by bicycle, 27% driving alone, 12% walking, 4% by bus, 6% car sharing, 5% by train and 1% using other modes. In total, 73% of staff travel sustainably to get to work, which is has a higher proportion of staff travelling sustainably than in 2019.

The staff mode split for the last 13 years is shown in the image below. 

How we used the 2021 survey results:

  • The modal split data was reported to the University Council in Lent term as part of the Transport Strategy update. It was also used to calculate our scope 3 emissions from transport.
  • The data on vehicles using the A14 was reported to the local councils as part of the North West Cambridge Framework Travel Plan (a compulsory part of the planning process).
  • The data was used to help us plan future investments in sustainable transport initiatives. Data on the level of interest in the electric vehicle salary sacrifice scheme was used to support the business case for signing off the scheme at HR Committee in June.
  • The survey asked staff for their level of satisfaction with the Universal bus and cycling initiatives, this data was used alongside other monitoring data to check its performance.
  • The data was also used to inform our view and responses to consultations on local authority transport projects.