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​The Sustainability Team works closely with staff and students to share best practice, support behaviour change and strategies, and hear what you need to reduce the University’s environmental impact. We implement and support the University in reducing its environmental impact, energy use and carbon emissions. If you are a member of staff or student at the University of Cambridge and would like advice or have a query, please email and the relevant person in the section will get back to you.

Executive Assistant – Paula Wheldon

Paula Wheldon

I coordinate the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) collections, record applications for funding for the Equipment Replacement Programme, and coordinate distribution of annual Display Energy Certificates.

I can help you to address your environmental query to the best person within the team. Also please contact me for financial queries or if you want further information on the above initiatives.

Environment Manager – Ambreen Jahangir

Ambreen JahangirI lead on the collation of the University’s sustainability data and the process for data assurance; the production of the University’s annual Environmental Sustainability report; and the implementation of the University’s Environmental Management System (EMS).

You can contact me for information on the University's annual Environmental Sustainability report and EMS, including responses to environmental or pollution incidents.

Read more about me and my background here.

Environment Team Manager – Rachel Steward

Rachel Steward

I lead the Environment Team to support delivery of our Waste Strategy, Communications and Engagement Strategy, ensure legal compliance, annual sustainability data assurance, production of annual reports and the progression of an Environmental Management System (EMS).  I am delivering work which aims to enhance and improve biodiversity on the University’s estate through our Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) and support the University's Ecological Advisory Panel (EAP) to deliver the BAP.  Through the Local Sustainability Plans (LSPs) pilot project, the team supports the University to develop an online tool to ensure we better engage people at a local level to achieve the targets set out in the University’s Environmental Sustainability Policy and Strategy.

You can contact me for advice on biodiversity, as well as for information on how the University's Schools, Departments and Institutes can engage with and help achieve the University's strategic environmental targets.

Assistant Environment Manager - Ben Gulliver

Rachel StewardThis role leads on delivery of the University's Waste Strategy, which coordinates waste management and recycling programmes, offers advice on and monitor the University's compliance with environmental legal requirements, and supports the implementation of the University’s Environmental Management System (EMS).

Contact if you want help or advice improving the environmental performance of your workplace. The team can also advise you on waste management and recycling practices in your building, provide you with data on your building's waste performance, as well as information on compliance with environmental legal requirements, including Trade Effluent consents.

Sustainability Engagement Manager– VACANT

I run the University's environmental engagement initiatives, including Green Impact and the Sustainability Champions Network. I also manage several communication channels including the University's sustainability newsletter. 

You can contact me if you're interested in any of the above initiatives, if you're looking to improve the environmental performance of your workplace, or if you have news or case studies you'd like to share in our newsletter, Sustainability Matters. 

Sustainability Strategy Coordinator - Sarah Carden

Picture of Susie CookI support the development of the new Sustainability Strategy for the University. Together with other members of the team, I am developing and implementing a programme of consultations with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders, the outcomes of which will be incorporated into the new Sustainability Strategy. 

You can contact me with any suggestions or comments on the new strategy. 

Read more about me and my background here.

Transport Manager (job share) – Amanda Nolan

Amanda NolanI am responsible for implementing and monitoring the University’s Transport Strategy which supports staff to travel sustainably to work and at work.  I oversee the delivery of initiatives and projects including the car parking programme, cycling at work schemes, car clubs and autonomous vehicles.  

Please contact me for feedback or queries regarding the car parking policy and the pool bike scheme. I also can help you to encourage more cycling, walking and use of public transport.

Read more about me and my background here.

Transport Manager (job share) – Mike Davies

Mike DaviesI am responsible for implementing the North West Cambridge Development Travel Plan, and overseeing the delivery of aspects of the Transport Strategy including improvements to cycling and walking infrastructure, as well as a review of the Universal Bus Service.

Please contact me for feedback or queries regarding electric vehicle charging points and cycle parking. I also can help you to encourage more cycling, walking and use of public transport.

Transport Coordinator – Jo Beale

Jo BealeMy role is focused on sustainable transport at the University, in particular walking and cycling initiatives. I also manage the University travel surveys.

Contact me if you have any questions about walking and cycling facilities around the University, or survey data.

Transport Coordinator – Stewart Bethell

Stewart BethellI am responsible for the delivery of sustainable transport initiatives and monitoring relating to the implementation of the North West Cambridge Development Travel Plan. I also support the development and implementation of individual building travel plans across the University estate as well as managing a range of initiatives such as pool bikes and cycle maintenance sessions to encourage staff to use more sustainable transport modes.

Please contact me for feedback or queries regarding the Universal bus, the University's pool bike scheme, borrow-a-bike, Dr bike sessions, car clubs and personalised travel planning. I can help you to realise the benefits of more cycling, walking and use of public transport.

Read more about me and my background here.

Transport Advisor (Strategic Projects) – Jess Cunningham

Jess Cunningham

My role is to ensure that the University’s Estate Management Department is informed about Strategic Transport Projects being delivered by our external partners and where required co-ordinate the University’s response to engagements and consultations. I also act as a conduit for information between our external partner project teams and the broader University Departments as well as supporting opportunities for collaboration.

Please Contact me me if you have any queries regarding transport schemes being delivered by our external partners.

Transport Project Manager – Mick Roman

Mick RomanMy role will involve facilitating change and will include carrying out consultation and engagement across the University and externally, developing policies and procedures, working with suppliers and seeking approval for new policies through the University’s committees.

Please Contact me me if you have any queries regarding car parking space booking software.

Read more about me and my background here.

Head of Environmental Sustainability – Sally Pidgeon

Sally Pidgeon

I am responsible for the long-term strategic planning and implementation of programmes, projects, policies and initiatives to improve the University's sustainability and meet its ambitious commitments for carbon reduction. I also engage with national and international groups on sustainability issues. 

Please contact me for strategic and operational advice on environmental sustainability matters or if you want senior level support to look at how the organisation’s sustainability targets and plans can translate into action.



Carbon and Energy Team Lead - Victoria Blake

Victoria BlakeMy role supports the Head of Sustainability with management and leadership of the team, and developing the University's strategic approach to environmental sustainability.

I am responsible for overseeing and ensuring delivery against the University's carbon reduction commitments, and robust management of its utilities. I lead on a wide programme of carbon reduction activity and, as the principal source of guidance for the University on matters relating to carbon and utility management, has extensive contact with staff at all levels throughout the University and with external partners and organisations.

Energy Manager – Greg Nolan

Greg NolanI’m responsible for utilities procurement and budget management to ensure the University is achieving legal compliance and fulfilling its statutory and regulatory obligations and own environmental aspirations in relation to energy and carbon.  I also lead on the identification and implementation of measures to reduce water consumption.

Click here to learn more about what a day in my role looks like.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any advice or queries related to utility, energy, legal compliance or high value queries.

Assistant Energy Manager – Max Shone

My main role is to focus on the continuous improvement of our estate’s utility metering network, since accurate and timely energy and water consumption data is fundamental to the success of our goals to reduce our environmental impact.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you want better visibility of your energy and water use, to help meet your environmental targets.

Read more about me and my background here.

Energy Coordinator – Fiona Tonyin

My role within the Sustainability team is to facilitate all aspects of utilities supplied to the University estate.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any advice or queries related to utilities or energy. I can help you with building energy usage data, new supplies and disconnections, Display Energy Certificates (DEC), Feed-in-Tariff (FiTs) and Meter Operator (MOP) appointments.

Read more about me and my background here.

Energy Assistant - Bruce Webb

My role focuses in dealing with utility bills on a day-to-day basis, including validation, processing/recording, and raising queries with regard to any discrepancies.

Click here to learn more about what a day in my role looks like.

I can help you with any queries regarding your utility bills or demand letters you may receive, including gathering relevant information to assist in their resolution, or escalating them if they become more complex. 

Carbon Manager – Katarina McCartney

Katarina McCartneyMy focus is on reducing our scope 3 carbon emissions. I will be working with the team and stakeholders to consider the most significant and accessible scope 3 emission areas; including work on data collection, setting targets and planning and implementing projects to reduce these indirect emissions, upstream and downstream in the University’s value chain.

Please contact me for any queries on our scope 3 carbon emissions.

Read more about me and my background here.

Assistant Carbon Manager – VACANT

I lead on calculation of the University's carbon emissions figures and on reducing the carbon impact of the University's labs and lab-based research.

Please contact me for advice on making your lab more efficient and the Equipment Replacement Programme, or for queries relating to the University's carbon emissions figures. 

Sustainable Construction Manager – Alexander Reeve

I help the University’s planning and design teams to improve the environmental performance of new build and refurbishment projects.

Please contact me for support on measuring the environmental impact of your new build and refurbishment projects. I can assess the viability of retrofit measures to reduce the environmental impact of existing buildings. I welcome (and share) feedback on the environmental performance of previous projects.

Biodiversity Manager - Aspen Reese

My role helps the University limit its negative impacts and maximize its positive impacts on biodiversity in Cambridge and beyond. This will include implementing our existing Biodiversity Action Plan, achieving Biodiversity Net Gain for capital projects, and developing policies to address biodiversity in procurement and purchasing.

In all my work, a large focus will be on measuring and monitoring progress as well as building partnerships with other stakeholders working on nature recovery in the region.

Sustainability Reporting Manager - vacant