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Environment and Energy


The Environment and Energy Section manages a collection service for all electrical/electronic waste at the University. This is free to University departments and institutions as the University meets collection and disposal costs. The service is not available to Colleges.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) should be:

  • Stored securely and separately from other waste;
  • Passed to the University’s approved contractor only.


  1. Complete the WEEE collection request form and, if relevant the decontamination form. View Forms and Templates
  2. Email the completed form back to
  3. We will forward the completed form to our contractors, and contact you with collection details.

Where possible, all data and licensed software should be removed prior to collection but hard disks will be data wiped and/or physically disabled by the contractor to prevent access to any remaining data.

Please note that the disposal of any equipment bearing an 'Asset Register' sticker should be arranged through the Service Desk to ensure that all equipment is correctly logged prior to disposal. (Contact: / Tel 32999).

Please note that the WEEE collection service is only for items which are (or were) purchased by the University and cannot be used for personal (i.e. staff) items of WEEE - these can be disposed of free of charge at your local recycling centre.


Where old computer equipment is being replaced by new items, it would be advisable to check that the supplier does not offer a take-back scheme for old equipment, before arranging disposal by this route.

From a lab?

Please make sure that any relevant equipment is fully decontaminated before collection, according to Health and Safety Office requirements. The decontamination form should be attached to each piece of equipment as necessary.