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When it comes to reducing your lab's carbon footprint, it's tricky to know where to start. What is it most worthwhile to try and change? Is it safe? Do you have the authority? These are all questions that can stop you before you even start.

LEAF - Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework

Tailored to laboratories, LEAF is our new tool to help you make changes in your lab space that improve the carbon footprint of your work.
Already used by dozens of research institutions across the country, the Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework (LEAF for short) provides the guidance and criteria you need to complete meaningful actions and earn your lab an award in the process.
Developed by labs specialists, LEAF even estimates the carbon and financial savings of the actions you take, helping you to target your efforts and show the impact you are having.
Enrol your lab, gather your team and get started today. A demonstration of LEAF and all the information you need to get started is covered in this short webinar recording (20 mins)

How to get started

Register here:

Don't worry about the UCL logos; the tool is developed and hosted by UCL. University of Cambridge has purchased a licence to use it.

The 2021 user guide, which includes how to get started, can be found here.

Please contact Green Labs with any queries.