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Downing Site cycle parking improvement project 

The University Transport Strategy was adopted in 2019 and includes commitments to improve facilities for active travel. In order to implement part of the Strategy, the improvements to the cycle parking on the Downing site described on this page should be implemented during summer 2022. 

The improvements aim to: 

  • Replace substandard cycle parking with modern, appropriate facilities; 
  • Provide cycle parking for adapted and non-standard bikes such as cargo bikes, hand cycles and wheelchair adapted bikes; and 
  • Provide an uplift in the level of cycle parking available for when face-to-face teaching can resume and student numbers on site increase again. 

The Sustainability Team are conducting a survey asking for your feedback about the proposals, and would like to hear your thoughts. Below we’ve included information on why we are doing this project, what the project entails, how we plan to implement it and progress made so far. Updates about project progress will be posted here as we move through the phases of the project towards implementation.   

All of the cycle parking we add to Downing will have adequate locking points to improve security and the racks will provide better support than the current ones. We will be providing a mixture of standard ‘Sheffield’ stands and high density ‘high/low’ lockable cycle racks, they will be something like the example below. Where possible we will be leaving more space between racks to allow easier access to them for cyclists, and some spaces will be designated for cargo and adapted bikes. 

We are also hoping to trial a ‘blue badge’ style cycle parking scheme for users with disabilities or non-standard bikes. If you would be interested in taking part in the trial then please provide your contact details in the survey. If successful, a ‘blue badge’ style scheme would enable staff and students with specific requirements or mobility problems to access the spaces they need consistently, making cycling to the Downing Site a reliable option for groups that are often excluded due to lack of access to the cycle parking facilities required.  

For a text-only version of the above infographic answering some FAQs about the Downing cycle improvement project please follow this link

In order to plan, design and implement the improvements we are following a 10 step process shown in the infographic below. We are currently at Step 6 which includes publishing the information on this webpage and launching the survey asking for your thoughts and feedback.  The next step is for a Notice to be published in the Reporter, which should happen within a month of the publication of this page. 

For a text-only version of the above infographic which gives information on the process for design, approval and installation of cycle parking improvements on the Downing Site please follow this link

The project will be implemented in three phases. More information is given about these on the next infographic. The first phase is comprised of schemes which don’t require planning permission, these are mostly replacement of stands within existing structures. The second and third phases will require planning permission. Phase two includes schemes which don’t use space which is currently used for any other purpose. For example, phase two includes updating outdated infrastructure onsite with modern, fit-for-purpose facilities. Phase three looks to re-purpose spaces currently used for other things on the site to provide an uplift in the number of cycle parking spaces available onsite.

In its entirety the project will provide 317 improved spaces and 263 new spaces for staff, students and visitors to the Downing site.

For a text-only version of the above infographic which gives some facts about the three phases proposed for the Downing cycle improvement project please follow this link