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The University has installed over 5000 cycle parking spaces across the estate.  To suggest a location for additional cycle parking, email

Park and Cycle

The Park and Cycle at West Cambridge provides a secure storage facility for your bikes and accessories, allowing you to park your car and make the final part of your journey into the city centre by bike, to reduce the city centre peak hour congestion.

Staff based in the city centre can apply for a parking space and a secure cycle locker. Staff can still use the facility if they wish to jog, walk or take the subsidised Universal bus to complete their journey.  Cars cannot be left overnight except by prior arrangement. Apply online here ( 

Cycling the remaining 2 miles to work, after a 12 mile drive, is not only quicker and cheaper, it is also stress free (well mostly) and offsets my carbon footprint by 20 miles a week. As this equates to almost 900 miles per year it also serves as a significant supplement to any fitness routine. Bikes can be left overnight in lockable cabinet storage (it is sensible to also lock your bike within the cabinet), if you don’t have the means to transport them to and from home. The park is well lit and has card entry and exit barrier controls, providing assurance that your bike is secure. Neil Holmes, Building Building Surveyor at Estate Management

I live just outside St Ives on the A14 and work in the centre of Cambridge. Where I live is not served very well by public transport so my options for work travel are very limited. The park and cycle is great because it allows me to drive most of the way into work, but avoid the traffic congestion in the centre of town – in fact, it’s quicker to park and cycle than it is to drive to a central parking space!  I don’t cycle very fast and am regularly overtaken, but that’s ok – I’m not in a race – it just offers me 10 minutes exercise each way every day which is more than I would get sitting in a car.Jenny Green, Deputy Head of Student Administration, Records & Exams, Student Registry

Cycle security

Every day an average of 7 bikes are stolen in Cambridge, you can follow these 7 top tips to reduce the risk of getting your bike stolen.

1. Buy a decent lock (or two)

There are many different types of lock available including D Locks, chain locks and cables. Find out which type is most suitable for you by visiting the Why Cycle website. You could use a mixture of a D Lock to lock the back wheel to the frame and connect a cable lock to secure the front wheel. To find out more, watch the Cambridge Cycle Campaign video.

Make sure your using a lock which is hard to break. Use locks of gold ‘sold secure’ standard, they will have a sticker on the lock showing this. Take a look at the Cycling Weekly website for some recommendations.

Expect to pay over £40 on a decent lock which will be hard for thieves to break easily.

2. Lock the frame and both wheels

When you leave your bike, make sure your bike is locked to something secure and that the lock goes through the frame and any quick-release parts of the bike if possible.

3. Choose where you park carefully - Lock your bike where there are a high amount of pedestrians walking by and in areas which are well-lit and covered by CCTV.

4. Get your bike security marked and registered - Register your bicycle model, make and frame number at or If your bike is stolen, report the theft to police and state your bicycle registration number. This will help the police identify your stolen bike. 

5. Know your frame number - Usually this is on the bottom of the frame. Nearly 75% of people reporting bicycle thefts to the police do not know their frame number which makes finding a stolen bike harder.

6. Get bicycle theft insurance - Check whether your home insurance covers bicycle theft and if it covers theft outside of the home too.  If your bicycle is particularly valuable you may need to insure it separately. The following organisations provide cycle insurance:

7. Take any items that can be removed without tools with you - These include the wheels, lights, pump, computer, panniers, seat post and saddle. These can go even if you leave your bike unattended for just a few minutes.

Dr Bike and bike marking

The Environment and Energy section organise a number of Dr Bike sessions across University sites each year. Staff can book their bike in for a free check and repair works. The Dr Bike mechanics also carry out bike marking and police registration of your bike.

Keep an eye on our events page for upcoming Dr Bike sessions.

If you would like to arrange a day of Dr Bike repairs in your department, please contact the travel team