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Environment and Energy


Suppliers can be key partners

Talk to your suppliers.

  • Ask suppliers what their environmental credentials are during a tendering process and make this part of the selection criteria.
  • Can suppliers reduce the amount of packing materials they use?
  • Do they offer take-back on old items so you don’t have to dispose of them?

Think of potential exchanges

The most environmentally-friendly purchase is the one you avoid! Use the University’s Goods Transfer Forum ( (Cambridge only) to exchange items between departments and avoid spending money on new things. The more people who use the Forum the better it will be.

General tips

See what you can take away from our green procurement guidance.

Enter ‘recycled’ or ‘eco’ when searching for items on CUFS. You may be surprised by what you can find!

Try to buy items with the highest recycled content possible, and those that are produced in the UK wherever possible.

Ask to see the supplier’s environmental policy or evidence of ISO 14001 or other environmental certification. If in doubt about what this means or how to implement change, contact the following with questions: