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Owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have extended the timeframe of our Environmental Sustainability Vision, Policy and Strategy 2015-2020 and are still working towards our goals.  

Alongside this work, we are currently developing our new Sustainability Strategy. The strategy will run from 2023, incorporate all aspects of sustainability: social, economic, and environmental, and be linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  

In Michaelmas Term 2022 we will be undertaking wide ranging engagement to seek views of the University community to inform the development of the new strategy.  

Comment on the Green Paper

The purpose of the Green Paper is to invite thoughts, ideas and feedback from across the University community to guide the development of a Sustainability Strategy for the University of Cambridge. 

Development of the Sustainability Strategy is being led by the University’s Sustainability Team. Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) are supporting the Sustainability Team in initial engagement with staff and students to shape development of the Strategy.

The Green Paper sets out our current thinking on why sustainability is important to the University, what sustainability means for the University, and what the University needs to do to become a sustainable institution.

Read the full Green Paper


After reading the Green Paper, we ask that respondents fill out the online form by Friday 9th December 2022.

Sarah Carden, our Sustainability Strategy Assistant, will be coordinating the engagement and consultation process. Get in contact with any questions or suggestions on 

Keep an eye on this page to see the details of any upcoming consultations, workshops or opportunities to have your say in the development of the new strategy.   

The University’s current strategies can be viewed online.