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Read more at: Recycling event a ‘WEEE-lly’ big success!

Recycling event a ‘WEEE-lly’ big success!

26 April 2016

20 tonnes of WEEE (Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment) was collected at the event on Sidgwick site last month! The event is organised each year to raise awareness of the need to recycle electronic equipment and to provide an opportunity for local businesses to recycle broken or unwanted equipment for free. Now in...

Read more at: Auditing opportunity for students announced

Auditing opportunity for students announced

29 March 2016

Students! Want to gain the skills and knowledge associated with environmental auditing? Want to do a course that is IEMA (Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment) approved? Want to find out more about what departments and colleges are doing to ‘green’ the University? This is your chance! We are looking for...

Read more at: Oh 'water' wonderful world!

Oh 'water' wonderful world!

29 March 2016

On the 22 March it was 'World Water Day', which got us thinking. How much water does the University use and what are we doing to reduce it? Across the University estate in 2014-2015 we used 366,109m3 of water. That’s enough to fill King’s College chapel around 14 times over. If the water was spread out across the area of...

Read more at: Small changes add up!

Small changes add up!

29 March 2016

You may have heard about the University’s Energy and Carbon Reduction Project (ECRP), which provides funding for large and complex energy and carbon saving projects. Did you know, however, that the project can also help fund much smaller initiatives in University departments even down to individual pieces of equipment...

Read more at: A year of action through the Living Lab

A year of action through the Living Lab

29 March 2016

The Living Lab annual report is now out! The report summarises all the work carried out last year through the project, which uses the University estate to test and research sustainability solutions. A number of inspiring stories of projects, internships and research are included in the report, all of which have helped to...

Read more at: April is 'spotlight on travel' month!

April is 'spotlight on travel' month!

29 March 2016

April is the Environment and Energy section's final ‘spotlight on’ month of the academic year! During the month, we will be shining our spotlight on sustainable travel at the University. The University has set targets to encourage sustainable travel and offers a range of incentives for staff to use more sustainable travel...

Read more at: The energy quiz - answers revealed!

The energy quiz - answers revealed!

22 February 2016

As part of spotlight on energy month, we ran a quiz all about energy at the University of Cambridge. Here we reveal the answers plus some further information about each one – how did you get on? 1. In 2014-15 how much did the University of Cambridge (excluding the Colleges) spend on energy? £2 million £8 million £16...

Read more at: Hot under the ‘colour’!

Hot under the ‘colour’!

22 February 2016

On 16th February, a training session run jointly by a number of organisations across the University of Cambridge helped students gain first-hand experience in using ‘thermal imaging cameras’ to identify energy efficiency issues in buildings. The cameras, also known as thermographic cameras, are devices that form an image...

Read more at: February's Living Lab lowdown

February's Living Lab lowdown

22 February 2016

In this month’s lowdown, we bring you an update from one of the Living Lab-supported projects and fill you in on some exciting student opportunities! Back to school for sustainable building project Ramaraj Sundraraj, a fourth year Engineering student, is investigating the temperature distribution and natural ventilation...

Read more at: Green Impact action ramps up in February!

Green Impact action ramps up in February!

22 February 2016

As part of Spotlight on Energy month , teams of staff and students have been hard at work greening their workplaces! A workshop held in early February kicked off a focused month for the Green Impact teams representing departments, buildings, labs and colleges across the University. As well as the prestigious end-of-year...