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Read more at: Green Impact 2022/2023 - What's new?

Green Impact 2022/2023 - What's new?

19 October 2022

New for 2022 Throughout the Green Impact programme of 2021/2022 we were collecting feedback from our teams and auditors on how they thought our workbook actions should be updated in the next year. From this feedback, the Sustainability Team has reviewed the workbook and made some updates that we hope will address these...

Read more at: Electric buses and route extensions coming to the Universal Bus service
Electric Bus

Electric buses and route extensions coming to the Universal Bus service

17 October 2022

Planning and Resources Committee gave approval on 12 October to award an eight-year contract to Whippet. They will provide a fleet of new electric buses from July 2023. The new contract will provide a ‘split service’, with half of Universal buses serving Girton College at the northern end of the route, and half routed...

Read more at: Work with us: Sustainability Coordinator
Sustainability Coordinator

Work with us: Sustainability Coordinator

14 October 2022

The University of Cambridge is seeking a knowledgeable and committed individual to join the University's Sustainability Team as the Sustainability Coordinator. The Sustainability Team is responsible for developing and implementing long-term plans to improve the University's performance across a wide range of areas of...

Read more at: The U-bus goes electric
Electric U-Bus announcement

The U-bus goes electric

13 October 2022

New electric buses will operate on the Universal bus route from next year, with the service extended to serve Girton College, Homerton College and Wolfson College. As part of its commitment to sustainability and sustainable business travel, the University of Cambridge has agreed to award an eight-year contract to Whippet...

Read more at: Update on Stagecoach bus services
Stagecoach bus updates

Update on Stagecoach bus services

10 October 2022

In addition to the recent news about Stagecoach withdrawing from operating 18 rural bus routes, there are also other changes to the existing bus network and timetables that may have an impact for some staff. The new ‘Sustainable Bus Network’ is being introduced on 30 October and seeks to make a number of changes to the...

Read more at: Meet the team: Juliet Tye
Juliet Tye

Meet the team: Juliet Tye

28 September 2022

What does your position involve? My role involves developing the first College’s Sustainability Report. I will be collecting data and case studies of sustainable practices across every College and collating this into a final report that will be published alongside the University’s Annual Environmental Sustainability Report...

Read more at: Update on buses

Update on buses

27 September 2022

You may have seen a recent Stagecoach announcement about their decision to withdraw from operating 18 predominantly rural bus routes in Cambridgeshire. We are aware that Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority (CPCA) are in the process of urgently tendering all of the bus routes in question, in an attempt to...

Read more at: Taking the first steps to Green Impact

Taking the first steps to Green Impact

26 September 2022

The 2022/2023 Green Impact year is fast approaching, and you might be wondering how to get started in your College or workplace. A key first step, if you don’t already have one, is to set up a dedicated Green Impact Team that will work together on the project. Some key things to consider when recruiting members of the team...

Read more at: Need some cycle training?

Need some cycle training?

26 September 2022

Thinking about cycling to the University but want to feel more confident or improve your skills? Why not take part in a free 2-hour cycle training session. Training can improve your confidence when cycling and help position yourself correctly on the road and around other vehicles. Even if you’ve cycled for a long time, a...

Read more at: It's finally freshers!

It's finally freshers!

26 September 2022

After two years of online freshers’ fairs, it is finally time for the Sustainability Team and Cambridge Zero to meet the new freshers face to face. We will be located inside the marquee on Parker’s Piece on Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th October from 10am-4pm on our joint stall, ready to present our work to the new student...