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Five ways to use Yammer that you might not have considered before

Yammer is an internal networking tool, connecting you to colleagues across the University. You may already use it, but here are some suggestions that you might not have thought about before…

1.    Ask a question

Unsure about something? You can ask the Yammer community by posting a question. You can even up vote answers if someone is particularly helpful! All you need to do is click ‘question’ instead of ‘discussion’ when you go to write a post. 

2.    Praise a colleague 

Has someone helped you out lately, or is there an unsung hero in your workplace? You can share your appreciation by posting praise on Yammer. Just like asking a question, all you need to do is click ‘praise’ instead of ‘discussion’ when you go to write a post.

3.    Share a tip 

Perhaps you have found an excellent workaround or you have a way to make a process quicker or simpler. Why not share this with your colleagues on Yammer? Let’s avoid reinventing the wheel and instead share our best practice and knowledge with each other. 

4.    Sell or buy something

Did you know that there are some For Sale groups on Yammer? You can shop for or sell items to University colleagues. Search the communities on Yammer to discover these groups. 

5.    Make some new friends

Yammer isn’t just about professional networking, you can also share your interests with like-minded colleagues. There are many communities to join, including CU Sustainability and Biodiversity at the University of Cambridge. Search the communities on Yammer to find something that interests you, or even start your own group!

Written by: Cordelia Brown, Internal Communications Adviser, OEAC.