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Environment and Energy


This is the question we will be asking during the Workplace Travel Challenge, a challenge taking place across the University between the 24 and 29 April. Teams of up to ten staff can register for the challenge and log the distances they make by active travel i.e. walking, cycling, rollerblading or cartwheeling; a large proportion of these miles, we expect, will come from the daily commute of staff.

The goal of the Workplace Travel Challenge is to increase activity among staff and help us reach, and in certain cases overshoot, the recommended 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity per week. For those who are already active the challenge is an opportunity to increase the intensity of their commute, shaving time off their journey while winning points for their team.  We understand that not all commuters can walk or cycle the entire journey to work so we are encouraging staff to log the distance they walk from the Park & Ride or to and from their bus stop each day. If we can lengthen this distance by even a small amount it could contribute greatly to health.

Travel during the workday can also be logged; whether that is travel between University sites using a pool bike or simply going for a walk on your lunch break to clear your head and get some Vitamin D.

To set up your team please email Once your team has been set up your colleagues can join and start logging their journeys.

The winning team will win a prize of a team lunch or breakfast along with some fitness goodies and there will also be a prize for the individual who has increased their activity by the greatest amount.

Good luck and may the best workplace win!