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West Hub Updates

What's new at the West Hub this Autumn?

Over the summer the team at the West Hub have been busy making changes and getting ready for the Autumn rush. We have made improvements to our building, got ready for the arrival of teaching in the building and from taken on board your feedback from the Easter term to refine our service. We still encourage you to feedback to the team as we go through the next 6 months, we are only half through our first year of operation and we know there is always room for improvement. Here is what the West Hub team have been up to:

The Post Office has been delivered

The West Cambridge News agents has enhanced our convenience store further with the arrival of a Post Office counter. The Post Office opening times will match the shops' main opening times of 09.30 - 18.00 Monday to Friday, which means no more lengthy walks to town in your lunchtime in pursuit of a post office. The last post collection from the shop is at 15.45 each day.

The Grab and Go bar 

To help extend the Grab and Go Bar range the University Catering Service has installed a quick selection counter that is located opposite the main grab and go bar. This new unit holds a selection of sandwiches, salads, hot food items and confectionary that you can pick up ahead of ordering coffee at the till. This way you no longer need to join the main hot servery queue for these items and can head straight to the grab and go area. The Grab and Go bar will be open between 8am and 5pm from October 3rd. 

The Owls have landed.

Many of you want to host meetings and events with remote participant access at the West Hub, our larger multiroom spaces were originally not set up with this ability. Over the summer we have received a parliament of owls for our multiuse spaces which allow remote participants a 360 view of the room and in person attendees whilst also providing visuals of those speaking within the space. These have been installed in East 1, East 2, West 1, West 2 and South and are fixed to the lecterns for ease of access. If you want a boardroom style set up with remote participants, we can do this too with the help of our new quad screen set up and additional owl to capture the roundtable atmosphere for those at home. 

Improved signage is on the way

We know that many of you have found locating your booked spaces difficult, we have commission and are awaiting improved signage for the building which will see a building map placed in the main atrium. Additional wayfinding signage on level 1 and Level 2 to help you find the bookable spaces and pods. We also know that there has been confusion between the large west room spaces on the first floor and the West Meeting spaces on the second floor. To help with this the West Meeting Room 1 and West Meeting Room 2 on the second floor are shortly to be renamed Boardroom 1 and Boardroom 2. Please be reassured that if you have booked these spaces your bookings will still stand.

Print drop in clinic's

From feedback from many of you, and from our own team, we know setting up printing for the West Hub is complicated and a can pose problems. To help with setting up printing the team will provide a drop in facility on Monday and Friday of each week. If you would like help setting up Cloud print or DS print please come to the information desk on Monday and Fridays between 09.30 and 11.30 and speak to the team.

The Media Lab

From the start of the Autumn term we will be offering the media Lab services at the West Hub, by working with our Senior AV and IT technician we can create digital content with you for you to use across platforms and as marketing collateral. Our senior AV and IT technician will help record content for you and edit this for you, we also plan to use the media lab to collect user thoughts in what you would like to see in the West hub in the future - our user digital user forums will run in the week of November 14, when you will be able to find the media lab installed and ready to go in the East Rooms.


For more information on the Media Lab, please email us. 

The West Hub's opening Hours

Over the summer we have run reduced opening hours, we are pleased to say that our opening hours will be returning to 08.00 until 9pm from Monday to Friday from the 3rd October. On Tuesday's until further notice we will need to close the upper floor of the West Hub from 5pm however the ground floor and level 1 will open to the full hours of 9pm.

The West Hub is recruiting part-time casual staff. 

We are looking to fill evening part-time Operations Assistant roles on a casual but regular basis with the option for additional overtime hours to cover annual leave. The regular hours for these roles would be Monday to Friday from 5pm until 9pm at £11.34 per hour. To enquire about the roles please email for more information or pop across your CV.

Written by: The West Hub Team