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Bus social distancing

1) Finding your bus

To make your journey more efficient, you can use the Smart Cambridge bus map and live timetable information to see where your bus is in real time. The system uses transponders on the buses to track them as they move past bus stops and is much more reliable than previous real-time systems. Don’t forget to pick up your mask before you leave: wearing a face covering on public transport is currently required by the UK Government.













2) Waiting for the bus

Please remain at least 1m (or more if you can) from other people while you wait for the bus. The number of passengers that can be carried on Universal buses at the moment is very limited, this means the bus might be full and look very empty. If the bus is full it won’t stop at the bus stop even if you hail it. It will be displaying a full notice on the front and side panels.


 3) Boarding the bus  

Please put your mask on before you board the bus and have your contactless payment method ready if you can. You can use mobile tickets purchased on the Go Whippet App or you can pay by card or other contactless payment methods when buying your ticket on board.

When the bus arrives please give space for any disembarking passengers to get off the bus before trying to board. The driver will have a perspex screen around them and may be wearing a face covering or gloves.

4) Finding a seat

When you enter the bus you will see that one seat in each row will have a notice pinned to it, this is to show where it's OK to sit and where you can't sit at the moment in order to maintain social distancing on board.

Each bus also has a cleaning register on-board to reassure passengers that Whippet take their safety very seriously. This is updated every time any cleaning is carried out on the bus. Whippet are deep cleaning each bus once a day and have a dedicated member of cleaning crew stationed at Eddington to clean frequent touch points at the end of each round trip. They are also fogging the buses once a week. This is a disinfection process that removes bacteria, viruses and odours by filling the bus with a fog of disinfectant. It doesn’t leave a residue on surfaces and is a very effective way of getting to places within the bus that couldn’t be cleaned otherwise.

5) Disembarking

When your bus reaches the stop you wish to get off at just press the button like you normally would. The driver will stop the bus to allow you to get off. Please don’t remove your mask until you have exited the vehicle and moved away from the bus stop.