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Environment and Energy


Congratulations to all those students who are #GoingtoCambridge. You have probably done all your research, but did you know that the University of Cambridge is not only a prestigious place of learning but we, University staff and students, are also working to create a sustainable future.

You can be part of this.

In your College

Most Colleges have a student Green Officer who helps their fellow students to be more sustainable. Find out who your Green Officer is and lend them your support. Other green activities you can participate in include: joining your College Green Impact team to make friends while making a difference, pledging your support to the Student Switch Off campaign in your College, or simply attending fun events such as green formals, film screenings and clothes swops.

Green formal Emmanuel

Figure 1: A green formal in Emmanuel College

In your department

Many University departments also have Green Impact teams. Join yours to make friends with kindred spirits and make connections with enthusiastic staff. Green Impact teams do everything from simple actions like saving energy and recycling, through to setting up their own gardens, raising money for charity, and reducing laboratory waste.

Insect house DAB

Figure 2: Insect house in the David Attenborough Building

In your studies

The world of work may seem far away, but sustainability skills are in high demand by employers. The Living Laboratory for Sustainability helps students to build those valuable skills by supporting student projects on University sites, delivering training throughout the year, and by providing student summer internships.

Student societies

Figure 3: Students from the University's Environmental Consulting society learning about thermal imaging 

You will find that sustainability is everywhere in Cambridge from our fabulous student societies, to volunteer opportunities at Cambridge hub, to the world leading sustainability research that we publish each year.


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See you in October!