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Walk to Work Week runs from 11-15 May 2015, whether it’s walking all or part of the journey to work, stepping out of the office for a lunchtime walk, or getting off the bus a few stops earlier on your way home, walking is a free and easy way to work more exercise into your daily routine.

Health charity Living Streets says walking for just half-an-hour each day can transform your fitness levels, reduce stress, and vastly improve your concentration levels for the day ahead.

Physically active employees are less likely to suffer from stress and major health problems, less likely to take sickness leave and less likely to have an accident at work, they say.

How do you take part?

  • Setup a workplace for FREE
  • Count miles walked, calories burned and carbon saved. Make a game of it against colleagues!
  • View live totalisers and leaderboards.
  • Rewards for your efforts with awards and resources.

To find out how to register your workplace and make your very own pledge, go to the Walk to Work Week website.