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Voi in front of King's College

The Environmental Sustainability Team launched a pilot for ‘Travel at Work’ journeys in March 2023.

This six-month trial evaluates the feasibility of using e-bikes and e-scooters by staff for travel for work purposes. 

The pilot has been well received, and an expansion of the trial locations has been agreed until September 2023.  Any department wishing to participate in the trial will require a department lead to check the eligibility of booking requests and administer the issuing of the ride codes. Access to 'BOOKER' is essential to managing ride credit requests.  

Contact with approval from your head of department to be included in the pilot. 

Our team will be pleased to assist in setting up your room for the ride credits and include you on the User Agreement form. 

How does Voi ‘Travel at work’ for staff? 

Everyone who requests a ride credit must fill in the travel at work Voi user agreement and share their ride data with the Environmental Sustainability Team 

Any staff member wishing to travel for work can request a ride credit, which will provide 2 x 30-minute rides through Booker, The University’s booking system. These ride credits can be used to hire an e-bike or e-scooter to travel at work but cannot be used for commuting.

Please read more about the scheme here or the Frequently Asked Questions here, on Voi and its technology, or watch this video on the safe use of E-scooters.

How can I find out more?

The travel team is offering a series of familiarisation events for all staff and students who would like to know more about Voi, All attendees will receive a VOI ride code, giving you a chance to ride an e-scooter or e-bike. There will also be some Voi helmets available free of charge*. (*first come, first served, subject to availability)

  • Madingley Rise - Voi Hub (near Madingley Road): 16 May 11.30am -1.30pm
  • West Cambridge - Voi Hub (near the Hauser Forum): 18 May 1-2pm
  • Tennis Court Road - Voi Hub (near the Downing Site): 23 May 12noon-1.30pm
  • Adrian Way - Voi Hub (near Puddicombe Way- CBC): 24 May 12noon-1.30pm