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Stagecoach bus updates

In addition to the recent news about Stagecoach withdrawing from operating 18 rural bus routes, there are also other changes to the existing bus network and timetables that may have an impact for some staff.

The new ‘Sustainable Bus Network’ is being introduced on 30 October and seeks to make a number of changes to the network. The details can be viewed here.

The link provides full details, but some of the headline changes are:

  • The Citi 6 which serves Girton and Oakington will have enhanced frequency but shorter hours of operation. The last bus from Cambridge back to Girton and Oakington will leave Cambridge at 16.50.
  • With changes to the Citi 4 there will be no bus service for Caldecote, Hardwick and Madingley.
  • With changes to the Citi 5 there will be no village bus service for Swavesey, Over and Willingham, though nearby busway services will continue.

The University has in place a Travel Advisor service which can provide tailored travel advice to help employees in their commute to work. You may wish to book an appointment so that options other than bus can be explored, the link is here.

September 27th Update