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The Safety Office have released a News update on various areas relevant to University staff and operations.

Information from the Safety Office

Following David Plumb's retirement in April 2014, Lisabeth Yates now heads the radiation group.

The Health and Safety Executive has issued new guidance on reporting categories of incidents under RIDDOR. The Safety Office has updated its two leaflets on accidents and incidents to reflect these changes. There is a briefing for DSOs/Administrators on 11 December to launch the new form.

Contact the Safety Office on 01223 333301 or email for further information

New and revised publications

The following publications are either new or have been updated recently. New and updated publications are put on the Safety Office website regularly.

View the Publications webpage

Chemical hazards information

  • HSD026C Working Safely with Carcinogens, Mutagens and Substances Toxic to Reproduction (rev 3)
  • HSD032C Compressed Gas User Guidance (rev 2)
  • HSD176C Acid Piranha Solution: User Guidance (rev 1)
  • HSD177C Acetylene Gas: User Guidance (rev 1)
  • HSD180C Glutaraldehyde: User Guidance
  • HSD193C Soldering in Electronics

Emergency/ First aid information

  • HSD008E First Aid Handbook (rev 1)

Miscellaneous information

  • HSD044M Risk Assessment Handbook (rev 3)
  • HSD052M Lone Working (rev 2)
  • HSD056M Working out of Hours (WOOH) Guidance (rev 2)
  • HSD125M Risk Assessment, COSHH, Safe Systems of Work and Safety Data sheets. What's the Difference? (rev 2)

Physical and workplace hazards information

  • HSD046P Pressure Equipment (rev 3)
  • HSD152P Working Safely at Height (rev 4)
  • HSD174P Guidance for the use of Electrical Adaptors and Extensions (rev 1)
  • HSD194P Working Safely with Pressure Systems

Radiation information

  • HSD035 Best Available Techniques for Radioactive Waste Disposal (rev 5)
  • HSD159R Decommissioning of Laboratories used for Work with Unsealed Radioactive Sources (rev 4)

Biological information

  • HSD192B Safe Use of Sharps

Training courses

Courses are run throughout the year by the Safety Office and the timetable of courses for 2014/15 can be found on their website. Please check the website regularly to see what courses are available.

Bookings can be made online via the Safety Office website