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Introducing the newly-named University Library Bikes!

As part of Switch Off Week 2014, the UL ran a 'Name the Bike' competition for their new fleet of pool bikes. Staff voted for their favourite names, and the most popular were picked.

Bertie had the most nominations, followed by Boris, who was also very popular, and finally Pegasus. The UL have also purchased a trailer, capable of carrying a load of around 20 books to help staff move material between libraries. The Library Flyer, affectionately known as TFL1, was the excellent winning suggestion.

The bikes can be borrowed from the UL security desk by all main UL staff and our Affiliates. They will be used for library business visits between the Library, the University and Affiliates (such as for meetings, training, and pickups).

UL or Affiliate staff member? Find out more about borrowing a bike