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Image of pool bikes outside a building

The University of Cambridge operates a fleet of pool bikes that it has recently increased up to 79 cycles with the addition of eleven new electric bikes to support journeys at work by employees.

Following on from a pool bike fleet review, a programme of replacement cycles is being deployed to maintain an attractive and fit-for-use standard for the pool bikes. With over 55% of the bikes being electric and covering approximately 7,125 miles per year, we can monitor their usage more closely using the newer battery technology and inbuilt odometers.

50% of pool bike users indicated in a satisfaction survey that they would generally have used their own car for their journey at work, thus saving the University money, reducing single occupancy vehicle trips and locally generated emissions. Transport Coordinator Stewart Bethell said:

“Since the return of staff to their workplaces and in their new working patterns, we have seen the usage of the pool bikes increase. The recent investment will enable us to provide an improved user experience and allow us to capture mileage data and usage of the assets via our online booking system for future evaluation of the fleet"

Written by: Stewart Bethell, Transport Coordinator