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Thinking about cycling to the University but want to feel more confident or improve your skills? Why not take part in a free 2-hour cycle training session. 

Training can improve your confidence when cycling and help position yourself correctly on the road and around other vehicles. Even if you’ve cycled for a long time, a one-off lesson can help you improve your skills. Please don’t take our word for it; here are a couple of comments from fellow staff members who have used the University of Cambridge Cycle Skills courses.  

  • 'I liked how the session progressed from basics of cycling to more advanced skills, and the instructor's encouragement went a long way!'
  • 'It was good to learn about road positioning, and I was very grateful that Nikki could adjust my saddle position, which has made a huge difference since.' 

Outspoken Training offers free 1:1 sessions of 2 hours for both staff and students, which can start at a whole range of destinations around the city. The sessions are aimed at all cyclists, from those just hopping on a bike for the first time to experienced riders who might be new to the city. 

There is also bespoke training for cargo bike riders or those with adaptive or electric bikes, and riders who want specialist advice on riding with a child sitting in their child’s seat. Book your session online.

Written by: Stewart Bethell, Transport Coordinator