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Environment and Energy


The Green Impact Awards are just around the corner and we thought we would take this opportunity to illustrate just how big an impact the University’s staff sustainability programme can have on departmental operations.

The Institute of Metabolic  Sciences – Medical Research Laboratories (IMS – MRL) have participated in the Green Impact scheme since its inception in 2012, and over the years they have won silver and gold awards for both their department and their laboratory, while also bringing home the Environmental Improvement Award in 2015. At this year’s awards they will receive gold for both their department and for their laboratory (Madeline Umpleby is pictured above receiving the silver award in 2016 with Dame Fiona Reynolds).

Data collected by Jonathan Fort, the Institute’s Facility Manager and Green Impact organiser, has shown that there has been an electricity saving of approximately 17% between 2015 and 2018 which equates to over 200,000kWh! Much of this saving can be put down to participation in Green Impact. Jonathan and the Green Impact team have made sure all staff are aware of the many ways that they can use less energy. Whether using strategically placed labels, well-presented noticeboards or by delivering timely emails, the Green Impact team have made sure that all their colleagues are mindful of energy as they work. The Green Impact team has worked hard to ensure that energy saving is part of the culture of the Institute.

Electricity at IMS-MRL

Speaking about the savings witnessed, Jonathan Fort said “This evidence does show that Green Impact is more than just a box ticking exercise; but that it does have a positive impact”

Since joining the Green Impact scheme IMS-MRL have examined their operations from an energy use point of view and have made a number of changes that will continue to save energy, they have:

·         replaced over 60 unsuitable refrigerators and freezers for more suitable models

·         procured energy efficient -80 freezers

·         reset the -80 set point to -70 as opposed to -80 in line with School of Clinical Medicine policy.

The Green Impact team in IMS-MRL are proud of their achievements, and now to have the data to see the difference their efforts have made is very special indeed.

Would you like to make a “Green Impact” where you work? We would love to hear from you. The Environment and Energy section provides support to staff improving sustainability where they work, and we would be happy to work with you to make your workplace more sustainable.