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Environment and Energy


There is no doubt that research carried out in British universities contributes greatly to society. The question posed at the recent S-Lab conference was; how do we carry out research in the most efficient and sustainable manner?

The conference took place on the Wellcome Genome Campus here in Cambridge on 12 December. Attendees from across the country came to hear presentations on how we can reduce energy consumption using better laboratory design, improved equipment and good management. Energy was the most common topic on the day’s schedule, but there was also discussion around best practice in waste and water management.

Martin Howes, University of Cambridge’s Sustainable Lab Coordinator, spoke to a packed room about the efforts being made at the University. These included the success of the Equipment Replacement Programme, the use of energy saving LED lights in the Plant Growth Facility and a change in Ultra-low temperature storage in the Clinical Schools.

Martin Howes presenting

Figure 1: Standing room only as Sustainable Labs Coordinator Martin Howes detailed the lessons learned in the University of Cambridge in creating sustainable laboratories

Slides from the conference will be available in the coming weeks on the S – Lab dropbox.

The conference gave us lots to think about, particularly as we are holding our first Spotlight on Sustainable Research month in February 2018. During this month we will hold events and provide information on a number of different topics in an effort to make our laboratories more energy and resource efficient.

If you would like to be involved please get in touch.