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For the 2014/5 academic year, UIS is offering its two videoconferencing facilities to staff and students at no cost, waiving the usual £40/hour charge.

The recently refurbished facilities in the Cockroft Building on the New Museums site, and on the West Cambridge Site, are available to all staff and students for University business.

As part of the free service, the videoconferencing team can undertake testing the connection beforehand, and be on-hand to provide technical support during your conference. They can also record your session, and provide digital files ready for sharing on your website via our hosted Streaming Media Service (SMS).

UIS can also supply portable videoconferencing equipment suitable for long-distance interviewing, multi-site teaching, lecture capture and conference participation. The team is always happy to provide training so that you will be confident in its use before you take it away.

The facilities are available 24/7 to accommodate international time differences. If you require technical staff to be on hand outside normal hours (9-5 weekdays), however, bookings will continue to be charged at the UIS hourly staff rate of £72 (plus VAT).

For further information, see: the UIS website


  • Worldwide connectivity, 24/7 by arrangement
  • No travel time/cost or accommodation costs
  • No need for vaccinations, passport or visa
  • Easy logistics
  • Kind to your finances
  • Kind to the planet
  • Reduces out-of-office time
  • Available to staff/students of University & related institutions


  • City-centre studio (New Museums Site)
  • West Cambridge studio (JJ Thomson Avenue)
  • Portable equipment for use on your own University premises.


  • presentations
  • lectures
  • interviews
  • vivas
  • meetings
  • distance learning
  • conference participation


  • Document camera
  • Recording (QuickTime, mp3, etc)
  • Livestreaming
  • Telephone-only participants
  • Desktop-computer-only participants