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After working from home for the past year or more, you might be unsure about what your travel options are as the University starts to think about opening up its doors again to staff. Our Travel Advisors can help you find out what's changed since you last travelled to work, including the initiatives and support on offer that may help you adjust your commute. Trust us – they know far more than Google Maps does!

This new service has been introduced by the University to help staff explore the alternative travel options that might be available to them, perhaps looking for a commute that is healthier, greener, faster or cheaper than previous arrangements. The service would be particularly useful if you're a relatively recent or new starter who has yet to venture into the workplace, but is available to all staff.

To arrange a conversation with a Travel Advisor using MS Teams:

  • Complete a brief survey at Travel Advisor Session Booking Form to provide a bit of information about yourself, your travel to work, and your preference regarding the days/times you're available for a session.
  • We’ll match you with a Travel Advisor and they will send you an invite for a Teams call.
  • You'll have a conversation with your Travel Advisor via Teams. They'll use the call to understand more about you and your travel to work, and together you'll explore your travel options.
  • Following the call, your Travel Advisor will pull together some personalised information to help support you in trying out the options identified.
  • The support doesn’t stop there! Your Travel Advisor can follow-up with you to see how your options work out for you and to offer any further support.

You can read the Privacy Notice for this scheme here.