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Electric Bus

Planning and Resources Committee gave approval on 12 October to award an eight-year contract to Whippet. They will provide a fleet of new electric buses from July 2023.

The new contract will provide a ‘split service’, with half of Universal buses serving Girton College at the northern end of the route, and half routed along Grange Road and Newnham Road to better serve Wolfson College, with some returning to Hills Road to connect with Homerton College and the Faculty of Education.

The new Mellor Sigma 12 buses are designed, engineered and fitted out in the UK. Cambridge will be amongst the first locations to see these vehicles operating.The buses will feature low floors and space for wheelchairs, as well as including audible and visual upcoming stop notifications to make them as comfortable and easy to use for as many people as possible. There will also be free wi-fi on board, USB charging points and a wide range of payment methods available.

The buses will be trackable by users via an app, and during the working day the buses will operate at intervals of at least every 15 minutes. The £1 fare for University card holders will be retained, making the Universal bus service an attractive option for travel between University sites or as part of a commuting journey.

Written by: Mike Davies, Transport Manager