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Today, the Environment and Energy section heard from Dimitra Dantsiou, a PhD student in the Department of Architecture, about her initial findings in her ongoing research. She has been working with the Living Lab for the past two years examining energy use feedback in workplaces.She has used different buildings at the University such as the Department of Engineering and the Gurdon Institute as case studies to explore her research topic. Her PhD research aims to understand the complex nature of energy consumption and comfort practices and the ways these form, interact and change in a workplace environment. Through the understanding of energy related practices her research aims to improve energy efficiency measures and feedback strategies in office spaces. Dimitra is in the third year of her PhD and we look forward to hearing about her finalised finding when she finished. 

It has been a pleasure working with Dimitra through her PhD . You can see her talk a little about her project in the new Living Lab video. Have a look!

Interested in how you can work with the Living Lab and have access to data and funding like Dimitra? Check out the Academic Strand page of the Living Lab.