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Environment and Energy


It is not often that we have the chance to peek behind the curtain and see how a community or a building works, but that is exactly what will happen on 9 September when Eddington is open to the public as part of Open Cambridge.

Eddington, the largest single capital project in the University’s history, is a development with sustainability at its heart. The residents of Eddington’s 700 homes will benefit from having energy efficient homes, the UK’s largest rainwater harvesting system, innovative waste management solutions, renewable energy installations, and the city’s first district heating system all within an area where biodiversity is being encouraged and shared space is designed to foster community.

The residents of Cambridge’s newest settlement also have access to sustainable travel options within the city. Eddington is well connected to the city via the Universal bus route and visitors on 9 September will be able to travel on the route for free!  It is expected that cycling will be a popular mode of transport for residents and, at the open day, members of the public can make use of a cycle tour of the site; have their bike repaired by Dr Bike and even attend a cinema running on pedal power!

Eddington is a glimpse at the sustainable communities of the future and 9 September is your opportunity to learn all about it. Click on the hyperlinks above to book your place for the event of your choice. We look forward to seeing you there!