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Outspoken Training, a Cambridge firm, have arranged several Safe Urban Driving (SUD) courses over the next few months. The course is being run in partnership with two JAUPT approved training centres, Fleetsource and Cycle Confident, and counts towards Driver CPC training requirements.

The course focuses on safe professional driving and interaction with vulnerable road users, including cyclists. It includes practical on-road cycle training for drivers and counts towards the 35 hours of training that professional drivers need to complete each year.

In Cambridge, the University's Construction Logistics and Cycle Safety initiative (Cambridge CLOCS) requires all drivers of HGVs coming on to our sites to have done a similar course. It is a way of demonstrating commitment to driver training, and to improving the safety of vulnerable road users across our building projects.

The course explains how the urban streetscape is evolving to encourage more walking and cycling. It also allows drivers to ride on bicycles in areas of potential conflict including junction turns, traffic lights and ASLs. This 'real life' experience gives drivers a cyclist's perspective of riding in a busy urban environment.

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