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The Living Lab was at the Cambridge Climate and Sustainability Forum this year on Saturday the 7 February at St. Catherine’s College.  It was an enjoyable event with keynote speeches from Dame Barbara Stocking, Stephen Tindale and Baroness Bryony Worthington. Alongside the keynote speakers, was a panel discussion, a debate and several workshops. The Living Lab had the opportunity to run one of these workshops and speak to a group of students and staff members about sustainability at the University and opportunities to get involved and work with the Living Lab.

The Cambridge Climate and Sustainability Forum is an annual student-run conference, supported by Cambridge Hub, which aims to engage students, faculty and members of the local community in the discussion of climate change and sustainability issues. The first Cambridge Climate Forum was held in 2010 following the example of the Oxford Climate Forum, which was launched in 2008. The Climate Forum events represent an unmatched opportunity for ethically minded decision-makers of the future to interact with the inspirational thinkers of today, exchange ideas and get to know the causes and companies who are similarly committed to a more sustainable future. This year’s forum aimed to open the public’s eyes to the wider context of the issues that surround climate change. Previous forums have largely focused on what action local communities can take to combat climate change, but this year the forum aimed to examine the extent and cross cultural global context of the matter.

For more information about the event and the official programme visit the Climate and Sustainability Forum’s website.

For more information about the Cambridge Hub visit their website here.