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The Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute (CRUK CI) is working to reduce its lab waste through a sharps management service with reusable Bio Systems containers.

Working with the Institute, SRCL has introduced its Sharps Management Service to address the inefficient use of disposable containers in the laboratories and essentially introduce a proactive system of managing waste. Previously, the Institute was purchasing a large and varied amount of single-use containers. These containers were being disposed of as an entire unit when filled with sharps and pipette waste that is required to be treated in a safe and compliant manner. Additionally, the storage of single-use containers and the associated packaging was taking up considerable space that could be utilised for other items.

Featuring the UN-approved reusable Bio Systems containers in two different sizes (7.5 litres and 30.2 litres), SRCL’s Sharps Management Service delivers a consistent system where lab staff can take ownership of the waste produced in their respective areas while working towards the bigger picture of meeting the Institute’s sustainability goals. Each container can be reused up to 600 times, with associated carbon savings as a result.

“The carbon reductions presented by adopting Bio Systems have been very attractive to us. Also, we are now not just purchasing disposable containers to just burn them once they are full!” - Colin Weir, Facilities Team Leader at CRUK CI

The new sharps management service is being implemented in phases at the Institute. By working closely with the supplier, the implementation process has been a smooth one, mainly attributed to clear communication and making the lab teams fully aware of the different phases of implementation.

Find out more about SRCL’s Sharps Management Service here.