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The summer holidays give us here at the Sustainability Team a chance to see what improvements and updates we can make behind the scenes. One thing that the Sustainability Team has been looking to do for a while now, is to rename our Environment and Energy Coordinators and update their role description. Those of you that have been at the University for a while will remember that we ourselves used to be the Environment and Energy Section before we became the Sustainability Team, and we want our volunteer network to reflect the same change. Not only that, but we also want to take a more holistic approach to how we think about sustainability, and the multitude of interconnected activities that fall under that title.  

So, what is a Sustainability Champion? 

Sustainability Champions are a network of volunteers who act as key contacts for sustainability issues and encourage others to make changes in their workplace or place of study.  

The main purpose of this network is to support the implementation of the University’s Sustainability Policies and Strategies by increasing awareness and action at departmental or college level and promoting the adoption of positive behaviours. This will be even more important in the current months while we develop the University’s new Sustainability Strategy.  

However, equally as important, is the network’s role of creating a community of engaged, knowledgeable and committed individuals across the University. It is about connecting those who may never have met in their usual job function but for their interest in sustainability.  

The network remains primarily for staff, but we welcome any students who would be interested in engaging in this way too.  

If you are reading this and you feel like this network is for you, there a few next steps you can take. First, read the full role description description here. If this confirms your decision, then please keep an eye on our events page for the next Induction and finally send an email to to sign up! 

Written by: Susie Cook, Sustainability Communications and Engagement Coordinator