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Support a nature-friendly estate with our summer Spot on! biodiversity campaign.

We regularly run 'Spotlight On' campaigns, with events, articles and news focusing on a particular topic, where we encourage staff and students to get involved in tackling particular environmental and sustainability issues in their places of work and study. Upcoming 'spotlight on' campaigns are detailed on this page. We also observe a number of the national and international days that raise awareness of environmental issues. Travel events are hosted throughout the year, please get in touch if you would like to host a cycle safety, cycle maintenance or Dr Bike session on your site.

What to expect from 'Spotlight on' campaigns

During 'spotlight on' campaigns, we'll shift the focus to one key topic throughout one intensive period packed with information, advice and support. In our Greenlines newsletter, we'll have information and articles on the 'spotlight on' theme. We'll also encourage Environment & Energy Coordinators and Green Impact teams to get involved by running their own events, and will send out ideas and tips on doing this.

Previous Spotlight on campaigns

Speak to the Sustainability Team  if you would like to host a sustainability-themed event in your department.