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Greenwich House is the first University site to trial the new pool bike app.

This app is designed to make booking as simple as possible.

If you have any feedback on its operation please contact us.

Pedl registration

1. Download the Pedl App

Android                                      Ios


2. Register as a new user

  • You must use your CRSID@CAM.AC.UK email
  • You will need your personal reference number, this can be found at the top of your payslip under ‘reference number’. This information is requested to confirm eligibility and for administrative purposes.
  • Please note your password must include at least 7 characters, 1 upper and 1 lowercase character, a special character and a number.
  • Please see steps below

3. Confirmation of your account

  • You will receive an email from Pedl. Please follow the link to confirm your account.

4. Sign in and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

How to book, unlock and lock a pool bike on Pedl
  1. Booking a bike
    1. Ensure your WiFi/mobile data, Bluetooth and location/GPS are enabled
    2. Click on ‘New booking’ on the main menu
    3. Choose whether you want to book a bike for now or in the future
    4. Specify which type of bike you would like to use if you have a preference
    5. Click ‘Next’ and choose the hub ‘Greenwich House’.
    6. You will automatically be allocated a bike that fits your choices if there is one available.

    1. Unlocking a bike
      1. Sign out a key for the hangar (if you would like to use a folding bike, these are not compatible with the locks so must be booked via Booker)
      2. Find the bike you have booked and click ‘ride on’.
      3. The app will then connect to the bike and the lock will open automatically. (The app connects via Bluetooth to the lock so please keep your hands away from the lock as it opens automatically)


        1. Locking a bike
          1. Once you have reached your destination click ‘lock bike’.
          2. Manually push the lock closed.
          3. Please ensure you also lock the bike to an immovable object using the wire lock which goes through the Bluetooth lock on the back wheel– this can be found in the panniers.


            1. Ending a booking
              1. Make sure your bike is back at the hub (inside the Greenwich House bike hangar).
              2. Report any faults via the ‘report a fault’ button in the app.
              3. Click ‘End booking’
              4. Manually push the lock closed.
              5. Return the hangar key to reception

        • I’ve never used the pool bikes before, how do I use them?
        1. Download the app (on android or IOS)
        2. Register as a new user
          • You’ll need your personal reference number for this (you can find this at the top of your payslip under ‘reference number’, if you don’t have a personal reference number please email  Please use your email address and make sure your password includes 1 uppercase and lowercase character, a number and a special character.
        3. Confirm your account
          • You’ll receive an email from Pedl – simply follow the email to confirm your account.
        4. Book a bike on the app
          • Video showing how to book a bike can be seen here.
        5. Collect keys from reception and find your bike in the corresponding bike hangar
        6. Unlock bike
          • Video showing how to unlock, lock and end your bookings can be seen here.


        • Are you tracking my journeys?

        The app only collects data at the beginning and end of every journey, not the points in-between. This information is collected to enable us to see where staff are travelling to in order to monitor the usage of the pool bikes and trips for work purposes. You can see Pedl’s privacy statement online here.


        • Why do you need my personal reference number?

        We need you to enter your personal reference number so we can verify that you are a member of staff at the University. This is the same procedure that Cambens follows.


        • What do I do if I don’t have a personal reference number?

        If you are a contractor or temp, please get in touch with and we will provide you with a unique number to enter into the personal reference field so you can use the pool bikes.


        • Why do you need my phone number?

        We ask for your phone number during registration in case we need to contact you to resolve an issue that you have reported with the bike.


        • How do I choose my favourite bike?

        At the moment you can’t choose a specific bike, however, in response to user feedback we are working on this and will inform users as soon as this feature is live.


        • I get an error message when I try to register on Pedl

        Please check the information is correct (personal reference number, and ensure your password includes at least 7 characters, 1 lower case, 1 upper case character and 1 special character.


        • Can I still book a bike on Booker?

        You can only book the 2 folding bikes on Booker (EMB33 and EMB34). The rest of the bikes are only bookable on the Pedl App.


        • Can I book a bike for someone else?

        No, at the moment you must make your own bookings as you will need your phone to unlock/lock the bike. We are looking into enabling some users to have the ability to book a bike on behalf of someone else. If this is possible we will keep users informed via email.


        • What happens if I am held up in a meeting and need to extend my booking?

        You must extend the booking via the app by clicking on the active booking and then ‘extend session’. If you do not extend the booking, your booking won’t expire until you have returned it to a hub but it will mean that if the bike is booked out after you, the next user will not be able to take out their bike.


        • Can I use the bike overnight?

        No, bikes can only be booked 8am-6pm and bikes must be returned to the hub at Greenwich House at the end of your booking.


        • What do I do if my phone runs out of battery?

        You must have your phone to unlock/lock the bike so please make sure it is charged and on you at all times when you are using a pool bike. If your phone runs out of battery when you return to Greenwich House, please notify


        • I don’t have a smart phone

        The app can only be used on smart phones. There will soon be a mobile phone at reception for you to sign out and use if you do not have a phone of your own or do not want to use your personal phone for these purposes.


        • What do I do if there is a problem with the bike?

        You can report faults with the bikes on the app under ‘report a fault’ when you are in a booking. You can also let reception know or send an email to


        • What do I do if I have feedback about the app?

        Please email all feedback to


        • How do I unlock/lock the bike?

        You must use the app to unlock/lock and end your bike booking. There are videos showing you how to do this here. Please note that the lock unlocks automatically, but you must toggle the lock shut when locking.


        • What do I do if my bike isn’t in the hangar?

        This means that someone else has overrun their booking and will be resolved when the function that allows you to choose a specific bike is live. You will then be able to cancel your booking and choose another bike to book.


        When a user creates a profile or makes use of Pedalme’s website (“Website”) and mobile application (“App”), Pedalme collects and processes information about that User of Pedalme services (“User”). In this regard, Pedalme acts as data controller.

        The protection of the User’s personal data is very important to Pedalme and in the following the User finds a description of the personal data which Pedalme gathers, for which purpose Pedalme uses the information, how long and how Pedalme stores the information and if such information is shared with others.

        1. What kind of personal data does Pedalme collect?

        Pedalme gathers information about the User’s name, authorised work email address, CRISD, personal reference number, and telephone number, which the User provides to Pedalme via the Website and/or App.

        Furthermore, the User accepts that information on the User’s journey start and finish points, length and duration in connection with use of bicycles is registered for:

        • Ensuring bicycles are returned to a designated ‘Hub’ when not in use;
        • Reporting usage of the bicycle fleet to the system administrator;
        • Reporting real-time availability of bicycles not in use;
        • Locating the bicycle fleet when not in use, for security and insurance purposes;
        • Improving available locations and service by understanding the average amount of time a User spends using the bike; and
        • Learning about Users’ popular destinations, which Pedalme may choose to introduce as Hubs; and

        The User also accepts that Pedalme is entitled to contact the User regarding operational issues regarding the use of bicycles, Website and App.

        2. For which purposes does Pedalme use the user’s personal data?

        The User’s personal data will be processed for the following purposes:

        • to process the User’s request;
        • to monitor and report on usage;
        • to contact the User;
        • to handle enquiries;
        • to improve the contents of the Website and App; and
        • to communicate to the User regarding the start and end times of a booking, and during usage. 

        3. Does Pedalme pass on the user’s personal data to others?

        Pedalme will only transfer the personal data which the User provides on the Website and App 3rd parties related to owning and operating the bicycles, and provision of the service as deemed necessary, in order for Pedalme to provide the User with the service requested.

        Therefore, the User’s personal data may, by way of example, be transferred to:

        • The bicycle fleet owner related to the User account, typically the User’s employer;
        • Pedalme’s suppliers; or
        • Other 3rd parties if so, required by law, court order or by previous legislation.

        Pedalme may sell and acquire businesses or assets. In connection with such transactions, customer information will with reference to this Privacy Policy be passed on to the buyer acquiring Pedalme’s business or assets or to companies that Pedalme may acquire.




        4. For how long does Pedalme store the user’s personal data?

        The User’s personal data is stored for as long as the User has an active account with Pedalme. The User’s account is regarded inactive, if the User requests their account to be closed, or the User leaves the organisation that owns the bicycle fleet, after which point in time the User’s data will be completely anonymised and no longer stored.

        5. What kind of precautionary measures does Pedalme take?

        Pedalme takes precautionary measures of technical and organizational nature to protect the User’s personal data from manipulation, loss, destruction or access from unauthorised persons. The precautionary measures are revised on a regular basis in accordance with the technological development and up to date technical equipment.

        6. What rights does the user have according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

        Pedalme is compliant to GDPR. More about our GDPR compliance, including User’s rights is available on request.

        7. Contact details

        Pedalme Limited

        17 Alpha Road

        Cambridge CB4 3DQ
        Company Registration: 10809090

        Phone: 01223 667 363