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Share your commute and save money through the Cambridge Liftshare account ‘Cam Share’. Anyone working or living in Cambridge is able to register and search for car sharing partners. The service is free and open to drivers and passengers (here). The site provides you with a list of potential matches who you can then send a private message and ask to share with. Once matched, you can choose to share your journey as little or as often as you like!

Why car share?

  • Reduce the costs of fuel
  • Reduce the stress of driving
  • Help to cut congestion and pollution
  • Help to improve Cambridge’s air quality
  • Access car-share only parking spaces.

Why use the CamShare liftsharing website?

  • Find drivers, passengers and cyclists online instantly for FREE
  • Specify your route, travel times, and days you are looking to car share
  • Secure online system
  • Access a variety of information on travel and public transport.