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Universal Bus - Update

The University is aware of the operational issues with the Universal Bus service. This is a combination of driver and vehicle shortage from Whippet, the operator of the Universal, and the ongoing closure of the southern bus way causing delays on Hills Road to the whole bus network. The University has met with Whippet and is satisfied that they are doing everything possible to manage the situation with the available resources.

The University has invested in a new fleet of electric buses, which are expected to commence operation this summer, which will see an improvement in the reliability and quality of the service. The Universal is a busy service and carries an average of 16,000 passengers a week. Further service updates can be found on Whippet's Twitter page 

Universal Bus – The University bus for everyone

The Universal bus service (operated by Whippet) links Eddington with West Cambridge, the city centre (Queens College/Silver Street), the railway station and the Cambridge Biomedical Campus (including Addenbrookes), running every 15 minutes Monday to Friday. The route map can be seen on the Map of the University or on Whippet's website.

On Saturdays buses run every 20 minutes from Eddington via West Cambridge, the city centre (Queens College/Silver Street) to the railway station. Sunday buses link Eddington via West Cambridge, the city centre (Queens College/Silver Street) to the railway station up to every 30 minutes.

How to buy a ticket

Whippet accept contactless card payments on all buses, just pay as you board the bus. Cash payments can also be made, but contactless is preferred.

You can also purchase mobile tickets in advance through the Whippet mobile app on 'myTrip' by Passenger. This app is available via downloadable platforms Apple and Google.


Discounts apply for University card holders; show the driver your card and pay £1 per single journey or if you're travelling all day ask for the £2 universal Student/Staff day ticket, this allows unlimited travel for 24hrs. For all others, the standard single journey fare is £2.00. Other weekly options are also available for Whippet services, see below or the 'myTrip' app for details.

Other bus services in Cambridge

To find out more about other bus service in Cambridge, including Park and Ride, Busway services and ticket options go to:

Park and Ride services

Cambridgeshire County Council bus webpages

Flexible bus tickets

Stagecoach has introduced the Cambridge Flexi5 and Flexi10 tickets for use in the Cambridge MegaRider Zone and Busway network between Cambridge and St Ives bus station, offering savings on bus travel. For more information visit

Access real-time bus information  

Time your day to perfection with real-time bus and timetable information on your smartphone. You can create your own panel of tailored information about the stops and routes you use frequently by creating a smartpanel. For more information, visit the Smart Cambridge website

Making a comment or complaint

To make a comment or complaint about the Universal email