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Universal Bus – The University bus for everyone

The Universal bus service links Eddington with West Cambridge, the city centre (Queens College/Silver Street), the railway station and the Cambridge Biomedical Campus (including Addenbrookes), running every 15 minutes Monday to Friday.

On Saturdays buses run every 20 minutes from Eddington via West Cambridge, the city centre (Queens College/Silver Street) to the railway station.

Sunday buses (starting on 7th October 2018) link Eddington via West Cambridge, the city centre (Queens College/Silver Street) to the railway station up to every 30 minutes.

From Saturday 6th October, there will also be evening journeys running up to 2200 hours.

The route map can be seen on the Map of the University. Click on the image below to access the bus timetable.

Universal bus timetable


Mobile ticketing is available. Discounts apply for University card holders; show the driver your card and pay just £1 per journey. For all others, the standard journey fare is £2. Other weekly options are also available for Whippet services. For ticket options click here.

Other bus services in Cambridge

Find out more about bus service in Cambridge, ticket options and Park and Ride services online at Cambridgeshire County Council bus webpages.

Providing feedback about a bus journey

If you had a positive experience please tell your friends. If you had a poor experience please tell us so that we can do something about it.

If your bus didn’t show up or it is running late, we would encourage you to direct your feedback to the bus operator providing information on:

  • the stop you were at, 
  • the date, 
  • what service you were using,
  • the time you arrived at the stop and 
  • the time the bus arrived. 

Email if it is a Stagecoach service and if it is a Whippet/Tower Transit service. 

If it is a complaint on the Universal service, please inform as well as Whippet as the University manages the service.

Travel to Work loan scheme

Find out whether you could receive an interest-free loan to purchase an annual bus or rail season ticket, or to assist with the purchase of a bicycle and associated safety equipment, see below.