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Sustainable Food at the University of Cambridge

Producing and transporting the food we eat is a significant and growing environmental issue. It accounts for 20-30% of global anthropogenic greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions - more than the global transport sector - and 70% of human water use, and is also a leading contributor to deforestation, land-use change, land and water pollution, and biodiversity loss.

In 2016, the University of Cambridge set out a bold new Sustainable Food Policy. Recently, we measured the impact of the policy, with striking results. Read more in 'Our Sustainable Food Journey', below:

More information about sustainable food at the University of Cambridge

More about the Sustainable Food Policy

The University Catering Service have taken a lead on sustainable food issues at the University, using academics at the University of Cambridge to inform their operations. This has led to the University's Sustainable Food Policy and its four key focus areas. Read more about the Cambridge Sustainable Food Policy here