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Environmental initiatives are a great way to make a difference within the University, boost your CV or take an environmental focus in your studies. Take a look at how you can get involved, and email us with any questions or project ideas. You can also ensure you hear about the latest news and opportunities by signing up to our monthly 'Greenlines' newsletter or by following the team on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

What can I do?

Get training and work experience

There are regular opportunities to join teams participating in the Green Impact scheme across the University's departments, for behind-the-scenes insights and making tangible changes. Participating in Green Impact can also include training on project management, sustainability communications and time management, as well as certified auditor training.

Check out Cambridge Zero's website for details of summer internships within the Sustainability Team and Cambridge Zero. Also visit their website for details of The Cambridge Carbon Challenge, which is designed to bring together teams of students and staff to come up with ideas to address the climate challenge in practical ways.

The Cambridge Institute for Sustainability leadership (CISL) offers a 'Sustainability Essentials' training course which is free to Cambridge students and provides a University of Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership certificate for those who successfully complete it. Visit the Careers Service website [Raven login required] for more details

Make change through your studies

The Living Lab through Cambridge Zero offers the opportunity to use the University estate as a case study for your academic project, dissertation or thesis, as well as practical projects outside your studies.

For inspiration and to see what some previous projects have focused on, take a look at these case studies.

Develop your own sustainability idea

A scheme called The Cambridge Carbon Challenge, run by Cambridge Zero, is designed to bring together teams of students and staff to come up with ideas to address the climate challenge in practical ways. It enables you to put forwards your ideas for reducing the University's carbon emissions in buildings; successful proposals will have the possibility of being fully funded and implemented on the University estate.

Get involved in your College

You could also stand to be the Green Officer or equivalent on your JCR or MCR. In the few cases where the role doesn't exist yet, why not see if you can establish the position? If you want advice, just ask or

Don’t forget that Green Impact runs in Colleges, and you can get involved with your College Green Impact Team. You can also ask your JCR/MCR Green Officer what opportunities there are.

Also check out Greenbridge for details of sustainability events and opportunities being run across Cambridge and for information about College events.