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April is 'Spotlight on Biodiversity' Month. We'll be shining a light on the issue of biodiversity and ecology, why it's important, and what the University of Cambridge community can do to better appreciate, understand and support it. Throughout the month will be a series of events, activities and articles focusing on the following headline areas:

  • There is amazing and interesting ecology in Cambridge. We'll be helping staff and students understand what is there and how to appreciate and see it!
  • There are many actions that staff and students can take at work and at home to support local and global biodiversity. We'll be highlighting and encouraging these.
  • The University is committed to enhancing biodiversity on its estate, overseen by its Ecological Advisory Panel. We have established a biodiversity baseline of the University estate and are working on a new Biodiversity Action Plan. We'll be sharing more information about this throughout the month!

What's happening? 

Our events page gives a full listing of Spotlight on Biodiversity activities. There is something for everyone; nature walks, art workshops, a Bio-blitz and a mindulness class in nature.

Click on the pictures below to read our Spotlight on Biodiversity month news stories.

Spotlight on Biodiversity news stories
Spotlight on Biodiversity month - what's happening? Improving biodiversity where you work Biodiversity across the University


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