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The Challenge

Before 2015, the Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience (PDN) was facing challenges with recycling practices. Different-coloured recycling bins around the department were leading to confusion when throwing away waste, and the bins were generally too small for their purpose.

The Solution

To solve these problems, the department replaced all recycling bins in the department with large, bright green bins. By buying in bulk the department was able to secure a discount, and the consistency of the bins helped to clear up uncertainties about which bin to use. Bins were clearly labelled with updated signs, and posters were displayed on notice boards around the department. Additionally, cleaners were required to empty the recycling bins separately from the waste bins.

The Impacts

In a recent survey of departmental recycling levels, the Department of PDN proved to be one of the best-performing in the university. Only 19% of the material in the general waste bins was found to be recyclable, which compares to a university-wide average of 43% of recyclable waste being incorrectly disposed of! Such high recycling rates have resulted from clear visual reminders about what can be put in which bin.

Interested in improving recycling rates in your department? Why not download the latest bin labels and recycling posters.

Details of the recycling bins that the PDN Department has installed are as follows:
Colour Coded Flip Top BinGreen - 54 litre - product code number:  024285, Supplied by STP (Kerbury Ltd on CUFS)