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The Challenge

Clare College had declared in its Environmental Policy that it would maximise the proportion of waste that it recycled and minimise non-recyclable refuse. It also aimed to reduce the overall amount of waste produced across the college sites and make full use of the recycling facilities.

The Solution

To achieve this target, the College took away a large number of the general waste bins and replaced them with recycling bins. This work began in the Library and has spread across different areas of the sites. General waste bins in student rooms were all replaced with recycling bins as well. Students now have the opportunity to take batteries, unwanted books and paper to the Porters Lodge. Additionally, British Heart Foundation bins and compost bins are now available on some sites.

The Impact

These changes have boosted recycling rates and reduced the amount of waste being sent to landfill. The pictures above show just how much waste was recycled before and after the number of general waste bins in the library was reduced (the green bags are for recycling). This has had the added bonus of saving money – there were major cuts in skip usage costs between 2014 and 2015, saving over £6000 in total!