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Environment and Energy


Judge Business School: Inside a Department

(from Greenlines Issue Number 33, April 2013)


We are always in search of ways of reducing our electricity consumption and currently we are aiming ultimately to eliminate the need for electric fan heaters in our building. We plan to do this by making our heating systems and insulation throughout our buildings more efficient and tailored to its usage.

A plan to install motion sensor-controlled lighting is also now being considered. In a large building such as ours that is open continuously throughout the year it is inevitable that a large proportion of lighting is wasted in illuminating empty rooms and corridors. Such is the scale of the waste that we estimate that the system should pay for itself in as little as two years.

Green procurement: materials and merchandise

A new Materials and Merchandise Review has been set up with the object of cutting the waste of paper, particularly that handed out to students and delegates, and to examine the sorts of merchandise we provide. When paper use is high, so is the waste of it as well as the time and energy to produce printed materials (not to mention the amount of paper and toner ordered) so a reduction in any of these areas would be beneficial and have the added benefit of cost savings.

A massive 80% of our delegates and students travel back overseas after visiting us so the efficiencies are also borne out of a more effective way to provide materials to our guests. Providing materials through an online platform look to be the best solution for us.

We are also looking at the merchandise we give to our delegates/students and to see if we can purchase a similar product that are produced environmentally. We are reviewing our merchandise and making sure it looks up-to-date and efficient, e.g. large laptop bags can weigh quite a lot and are not convenient for overseas guests to take back on the plane. Something like a smaller and slimline branded laptop cover is more suitable and has greener credentials.

In some cases, we are looking at giving delegates/students a tablet device to access the materials online rather than printing them out. This is only if budgets allow and efficiencies are apparent. The review is still taking place and results will be shared when concluded.

Business travel

In addition to these changes we have also tried to tackle our business travel. By improving and promoting our telecommunications facilities and making video conferencing more effective we hope that people will make the choice not to travel.