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The Living Laboratory for Sustainability helped to support the Cambridge Hub’s 2013 Climate Forum, an annual event aimed at engaging the University and wider community in sustainability, by promoting and helping to sponsor the event.

The Climate Forum hosted a range of well-known speakers. They spoke about the research being done with regards to climate change mitigation. Both local and national climate and sustainability societies were able to share their successes and the challenges they have encountered throughout the day’s events. The Living Lab was able to present and promote itself through this event. There were inspiring lectures, interactive workshops and opportunities to network with the speakers, guests and other organisations.

Climate change has been a buzzword in recent years, discussed by politicians, businesses, the media and the masses. But while some people are still debating the science and pointing fingers, we know there is an urgent need to get some action going. Despite this acknowledgment, there are many out there who often feel that there is no point in taking individual action to reduce our carbon footprint, as it will not make a difference on a global level.

The 2013 Cambridge Climate and Sustainability Forum theme was “Local Action. Global Change?” and aimed to discuss the issues surrounding climate action on various levels. Throughout the day, speakers from Cambridge, Anglia Ruskin University, local, national and international organisations shared their thoughts on climate action and what they have been doing to tackle climate change and encourage others to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

Organised by a student committee, the Forum programme covered a broad range of issues, from technological breakthroughs to behavioural changes, political campaigns to sustainable businesses. In particular, the engaging and fast-paced Pecha Kucha presentation style on the work of various organisations was very well received by participants. Apart from showcasing work done by these organisations, the presentations also provided participants with ideas on how they could contribute and take action immediately!

The Forum was a great success, leaving most of the participants feeling inspired to become more engaged; 8 out of 10 conference attendees who provided feedback said they planned to take action after the conference. There is certainly a growing crowd of people concerned for our environment and our future, and with increased involvement the University of Cambridge can establish itself as a hub for sustainable living, teaching and learning.

If you want to find out more, go to the website or Facebook page. The Climate and Sustainability Forum will be continued in 2014 and the current committee are looking for new recruits. To get involved please contact


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