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Environment and Energy


The University Map at is a useful tool for finding many important University sites. As well as many Cambridge-specific things such as porters' lodges and cycle parking, the map includes a number of 'overlays' showing defibrillator locations, museums, and Universal bus service routes and stops.

Waste & recycling locations - help us map them!

New to the map an 'overlay' showing the location of key waste & recycling collection points across the estate. The map isn't complete, so you can help us by sending us the location of recycling points in and around your buildings.

How do you do this? It's pretty simple! Just drop us an email at, listing the descriptions and locations of your recycling points. First of all, visit the map at (click here to open in new window), and check whether your recycling point is listed - we're interested in items which are recycled separately from the general waste and mixed recycling bins. This includes batteries, e-waste, pens, books, fluorescent tube lighting, printer cartridges, and wooden pallets. If you can't see your recycling point and want to have it added, simply follow these simple steps:

  • Pan and zoom to find the building housing your recycling point and zoom in as far as you can.
  • Estimate the ground position of the collection point as well as you are able.
  • Left-click once on that location on the map. A blue menu will pop up, including an option to "draw marker".
  • Once you click on Draw Marker, a red marker will appear on the map in the location you have chosen. You'll also notice that the URL web address in your browser bar will change to something like ',0.096447,17,52.215101,0.095326' - the long number now displayed after is the location of the marker you have placed. All you need to do is copy this whole URL from your browser address bar, or click the "link to map" button (chain link icon, top left of window next to print icon) and copy the link which appears.
  • Paste that URL into your email to us, along with a short description of the type of recycling and where it is found (for instance 'battery collection bin - next to main entrance opposite reception'.)
  • You're done! You can repeat the process above for other recycling points - for instance why not send us details of your recycling points for Batteries, WEEE, Pens, Books, Fluorescent Tubes, Printer Cartridges, and anything else! (Note: we're not mapping the location of mixed recycling and general waste bins, as there are too many!)

Any problems? Give us a call on (3)37786!